Side Hustle Poster


Create a poster that promotes the concept of Side Hustles. This is designed for print and is based on the Exercise Going Green Poster. This poster should be created in Adobe InDesign and uses assets from Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator.

Design Brief

  • Number of pages : 1
  • Size: 11″x17″
  • Margin: Minimum 1/4″
  • Bleed: 1/8″
  • Use the provided body text
  • Use the provided headline or create your own
  • Use a photo for the entire background of the poster
  • Have at least 3 images used in the poster other than the background
  • You can use other elements if appropriate
  • Focus on spacing and alignment


Copy the text below and download all the assets before you begin.

  • Images and photos:
  • Title: Got a Side Hustle?
  • Main Body Copy:

    Today, more than 44 million Americans have a side hustle. That’s a lot of hustlin’!

    One study found the average side hustler earns an extra $12,609 a year. That’s fantastic considering the average American makes less than $24/hour doing their regular full-time job. Studies show that only half of full-time workers enjoy their current full-time job; while 76% of workers LOVE their side hustle!

Submit Assignment

  • Name you file: LastName-FirstName-Proj-Side-Hustle-Poster
  • Properly Package the InDesign File
  • Create a High Quality Print PDF
    • Include Crop Marks
    • Use Document Bleeds
  • Put PDF inside of Package Folder
  • Zip the packaged folder