Adobe InDesign Exercises

Below you will find a variety of Adobe InDesign exercises. Some of the exercises will require the use of other programs but are mostly based in Adobe InDesign.

Introduction to InDesign

5 Historical Typefaces

Going Green Poster

In this exercise we will create a simple poster in InDesign by placing elements from Photoshop and illustrator. We want to focus on Spacing and Alignment of our text and assets.

Working With Type Styles

Explore using different typestyles and see how they affect legibility. You will also explore the use of all caps and small caps and figure styles. We will then move on to explore the use of letterspacing, word spacing, tracking, and kerning.

Paragraph Indicators

Paragraph and Character Styles

Restaurant Menu – Capizzo’s House

Create a Menu in InDesign

InDesign Gradients

Learn to use the gradient tool and the Feather gradient tool in InDesign.

Tabs and Leader Dots