Holiday Photoshop Composite


You will create a Photoshop composite with a holiday theme. This will be photo realistic but can be surreal. The idea is to composite different images to create a scene that represents the holiday chosen. You will include the required elements and create you own interpretation of the assignment.

Design Brief:

  • Size: 12×18″ Portrait
  • Color Mode: RGB & CMYK
  • Resolution 300 PPI/DPI
  • This poster will be Halloween or Christams/Winter Holiday Themed
  • You must include in you imagery: a person, and animal & a liquid (Body of water, a drink that show the liquid, etc)
  • You image must evoke an emotion.

Part 1


  • Create 10 thumbnail sketches to be discussed in class.
  • The sketches need to be in the 12×18 proportion.
  • Each sketch should be a different idea of what you final project may be.

Part 2


  • Create a draft of your chosen sketch.
  • This should be relatively close to finished, but may not have all the final touches
  • This will be critiqued in class and you will take the feed back to create you final project.
  • This should be turned in as a layered TIFF file.
  • Keep the color Mode in RGB at 300 PPI.

Part 2


  • Create you final version based on your Draft.
  • This will be a completely finished project.
  • This will be critiqued in class.
  • Turn In:
    • TIFF File – 300PPI, RGB, Layered with non destructive edits
    • PSD File – 300 DPI, CMYK, Flattened Image