Create A Food Poster


You will create a multiple versions of the same poster for a restaurant. The particular restaurant we are designing for is Lincoln Square Pancake House. You can choose one the the provided photos or you can take your own photos. It must be a photo taken at Lincoln Square Pancake House. Your job is to make an attractive poster that will entice customer to want to eat at Lincoln Square Pancake house. We 1 food items to be the main draw of the poster.

Be creative and try to integrate other assets into the poster. Look at other examples of food/restaurant posters and ads for inspiration.

You will create 3 poster:

  • Traditional poster with clean photography.
  • Halftone version of the clean poster.
  • Alternative poster

Design Brief:

  • Size: 12″x18″
  • Size with bleed: 12.25″x18.25″
  • Color Mode: CMYK for Print
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Must have a 1″ margin and safe zone
  • Must use the bleed
  • This must be design in Adobe Photoshop, but it can use vectors brought in from Illustrator
  • You will need to turn in a Photoshop file in layers, do not merge any layers.
  • All vector must be brought in as Smart Layers

This will be a poster that is a cleaner design, and more ‘”traditional” look. Think of this as something fits a mainstream audience. You still want this to be creative.

This is a halftoned version of your original poster. The whole thing can be one color, or you can have multiple colors, but everything should be halftoned. This should give you an nice alternative version of your poster that is a little more edgy.

Using the same photo you should make a radically different poster. It can use any technique you want to add. It only needs to be recognizable as the poster is it it present with the other 2 posters. 


Textures & Brushes

Backgrounds and Images